DCWET Customer Portal Overview


You are using the DCWET Customer Portal! By using this website, you will be able to access all customer facing documents to engage in the TANF Employment and Education Program (TEP).

In this portal you will be able to access the following four documents:

  • Universal Time and Attendance

    Customers engaged in the TANF Employment Program (TEP) use this form to capture the time spent in activities that lead customers towards securing education attainment and gainful employment.

  • Volunteer Service Agreement

    Volunteers outline their duties and agree to fulfill those duties per the stipulations in the agreement.

  • Non-Traditional Employment Earnings

    Form is started by the Customer, completed by the Employer anytime the Customer is recording non-traditional employment (contracted, receiving tips, personal driver, business owner, etc. ) and validated by the Case Manager before being entered into the Case Management System.

  • DHS Work Experience Agreement

    Form is used to define the responsibilities for the Employer and Participant during an unpaid work experience not to exceed 4 months.

Upon completing this form, submit any supporting documents using the upload link embedded in the form.

For more information about the types of programs and services available, please visit the DHS Benefits Website .

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